Since its inception in 2009, clients have sought out Lindsey Hene Interiors for refreshing, gracious design. The designer’s signature ability to grasp the unique style of each client and create livable elegant interiors sets Hene apart along with her ability to balance color, texture and bold embrace of pattern. The result is refined interiors, rich in character with a touch of whimsy.


Hene tends to bend the usual design rules, to lean towards a fresh perspective based on as much intuition as tradition. Aesthetics that are functional and well designed, both classic and contemporary create sophisticated inviting rooms. Above all else, Hene values her conviction that the home is where life is lived and prioritizes the client’s needs, wishes, and dreams.


LINDSEY HENE-Principal Designer

BRIDGETTE CLONTS-Assistant Designer

As a teen Clonts realized her love of fashion and aspired to be a fashion designer. After graduating high school she took a different path and had a 14 year career in hair design. Upon acquiring and decorating her first home, Bridgette soon realized that she had not lost her love for design and architecture and chose to pursue a career in Interior Design. She believes that interiors should be created to reflect and enhance the lifestyle of the individual that dwells in that space. In her approach, she uses her love of fashion as an influence which allows her to create interiors that are current yet timeless.